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Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation with the Garmin

So this weekend Max went to stay/see his grandparents and Jered and I went to Michigan - yes Michigan. We programmed it into the Garmin and away we drove. The first place we stopped was St. Joseph, very fun little lake town. This was our first view of Lake Michigan.

We followed the Garmin to Holland next which is a great college town with so much to see and do we really wished we had more time. There is a large Dutch community there (of course) and in May they have a tulip festival. We had our morning coffee fix at lemonjellos - which was awesome coffee and we would have never have found with out our Garmin to tell us it was even there.

The next day we went to Sleeping Sand Dunes NP and did the "Dune Climb". By the picture it doesn't look like much but it is giant hills of sand that stretches for two miles to the Michigan lake shore. It's a tough hike but the views are worth it!

Jered wore his Vibram Five Fingers and they did amazingly well on all of that sand. We made a video of the hike that we will post at a later date.
We also had the Garmin find us lunch at Glen Arbor at a place called "The Boondocks". We wished we had two days to explore that whole area. People were so nice and were amazed that two Iowans found it. It's a secret vacation spot that mostly only locals know about.

On the way home the Garmin found us a local pizza parlor, V.I.Pizza with amazing food. All in all it was a great trip that we are going to have to repeat in the Spring, when we have more time to explore. Here are some pictures of the lake which was beautiful.

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