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Saturday, February 21, 2009

February is almost over...

So my excuses for not posting are:

1. I have been really busy at work.

2. The weather has been crapy so we haven't been going out.

3. I haven't been taking pictures.

I just walked over to Max playing video games and took this like 2 minutes ago. A quick update of the Dieter Family:

Jered - Is working his butt off at the restrurant and is working all night at the jail. But he does look cute in his uniform. He has been training and hopefully when it gets warm - running and biking again.
Max - Can now say his ABCs and count to 20 (almost perfect every time) We are working on writing his full name. He also thinks he is super cute - and tells people that.
Shauna - Is working her butt off at RC and is very sick of driving. I'm also traing to run a 5k in May with people at work and one in July with Kathy (my brother's girlfriend). I run at the RC gym because they have an indoor track. I'm also learning to become a raw foodist.

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