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Monday, September 03, 2012

Renaissance Festival

What do you do on labor day? Go to the Des Moines Renaissance Festival of course! Jered and I went to the RenFest a long time ago and had a great time. So we decided to take the boys and see what they would think of it. The festival is a lot bigger and more organized than it used to be. The have cool buildings and more vendors of wares and so much food.

The Entrance


There was a fiddle player at the entrance, she was amazing! The decorations were really cool too.

The gates
Once through the gates there was so much to see. The boys instantly ran for the wooden sword seller.

Checking the Food options

Riley playing

King and Queen
There was a royal court with all the usual pomp, and shows of sword play. They also have jousting matches.

Sword Show

Goat Petting
In the children's area there was a petting zoo were there was a goat and pony and bunnies to pet and hold.
Max got into the action by trying out the knife throwing booth. He actually got one!
Knife Throwing
The best part of the Renaissance Festival is the people watching. There was some great costumes and people this year.
People Watching

Lady in Red


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  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Looks like everyone had FUN!!!

    Grandma Jo


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