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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cold Weather and Hama Beads

2014. We have been off to a slow start this year. The weather has been frigidly cold in the Midwest with the Polar Vortex holding us in the negative temperatures for weeks. Since we have been stuck inside I have been going through closets and trying to cull the hoarding. Usually at this time I set goals/resolutions, but last year was a tough year for us so I am struggling to set goals that wouldn't just be a repeat of last years goals or even find a goals that I might actually want to accomplish. Unfortunately this year looks like it will be as unpredictable as last year. 2014 looks to be the year to "keep calm and carry on". 

If I had to make a resolution it would probably be to make more art and finish all the unfinished projects I started last year. Max got some Hama Perler beads for Christmas and we have both been having a lot of fun being creative with those. I also want to get more plants indoors and outdoors this year. Maybe try some new plantings I haven't tried before. Mostly I want to spend more time with my family and friends and less time at work. Last year we didn't get much of a family vacation time and this year I really want to have a whole week to ourselves. Life does not always bring you roses, sometimes you have to make them yourself.

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  1. "Life does not always bring you roses, sometimes you have to make them yourself." I really like that sentiment :)


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