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Monday, July 09, 2012

Dyed Clothesline Basket

My Clothesline Basket

It's been awhile since I have had time to do a craft just for me. I found this DIY for making a clothesline basket and since I had some extra clothes line left from another project I pinned it. Sometimes I think just white can be a bit boring so for this project I decided to use left over tie dye to add color.

Clothes line
First thing is to lay out the clothes line on a plastic surface. I used garbage bags, but you could use a bin or anything you don't care if it gets stained. Add your color and really let it soak in. Clothesline is synthic fibers so it doesn't take color well. I let my line sit wrapped up in the garbage bag for two days before I rinsed it out with cold water.

Dying the line
After the rinse I let the clothes line completely dry before I started sewing. As you can see the color is very pastel. That is what I expected and wanted. If you want brighter colors I would try a different type of dye.

Dyed and Dryed
All I did to finished the project was follow the tutorial on making a clothesline basket.

Sew ZigZag around
I really liked the way it turned out and how the colors came together. Now I just need to decide what I'm going to put in my new basket. I'm thinking a new plant might be the best.


  1. This has "Christmas presents" written all over it.

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I agree with Clare, great gift idea! I really like this, *wink wink*

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    How did you make sure it would stand up that straight and more basket-like? I saw the other tutorial was more open and like a bowl.

  4. When I was stitching the basket I really eased it into a stand up shape. Basically when I go to the sides the bottom of the basket was at 90 degrees to the sides as I stitched around. The clothesline is also pretty solid and stands up well. Hope this helps!


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