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Monday, July 02, 2012

Lego at Reiman Gardens

They are holding a Lego art exhibit at Reiman Gardens in Ames. Max and Riley loved all of the flowers and Lego creatures.
Humming Bird
First one we went to see was a giant humming bird in the front garden. The stands were also made of Legos.
Tropical Room
 In the tropical plant area there was a large ball machine that was running a ball around continually.

Lego Rose
 In the rose garden there was a huge rose from Legos. It was probably about 12 feet tall.
Lilly and Koi
 The pond had Lego Lilly pads complete with a frog and a leaping Koi.
Resting with Grandma
 After all that walking we needed a rest and some cool water. It was 95 degrees after all! We decided to skip to the butterfly house since it was so hot. They have over 800 butterflies and 80 different species.

Being Still for butterflies

Black Butterfyl
 The butterfly house was actually cooler than outside, so it felt great to hang out with them.
White Butterfly
Riley Being Gentle
Riley and Max were both so still and gentle in the butterfly house. They loved all the colors and having them land on their hands and clothes. I would say it might have been the favorite part of the gardens.
Max and Monarch
Getting Close Up


Lego Butterfly

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