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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minecraft Creeper Cake

Max's Cub Scout troop had a cake decorating contest for the pack meeting this month. The contest had four categories, Cub Scouts, Video games, Spring, and Scary. Of course Max picked video games, and Minecraft is what he is all about these days. After finally settling on a Creeper character we got started.

We used 2 brownie pans for the cake (since everything in Minecraft is square). Max picked a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. After baking and cooling, we trimmed the cakes flat and put chocolate frosting between the cakes. We also added frosting on top just so the fondant has something to stick to.

For the decorating of the cake we bought Wilton fondant from the store, best decision ever! It was super easy to work with and so quick to get right to the fun part of decorating. Then separated our fondant into three equal parts and mixed in green food color making each a bit darker.

Then we rolled each flat and cut long strips of equal width. Yes I really used a clean ruler.

We then wove the strips together so they made a grid of color, no particular order because it's random in the game. To finish it, we rolled over the fondant with a rolling pin lightly to flatten and make it a solid piece and then trimmed the ends off. I saved all the odds and ends and kneed them together. I rolled this out flat and wrapped that around the cake body.

Finally we rolled out black fondant (note you can not "make" black from standard food colorings - you must buy black) to add the Creeper face. These are stuck on with a bit of frosting on the back. 

All done! You have a super easy and fun Minecraft Creeper cake! This fondant was so easy to work with I am going to use in again in another birthday cake project coming up.


  1. I Love this cake! I just followed you back on Kollabora! My kids love you!

    Rachel Faucett

  2. Thanks Rachel! My kids and I had fun making it. I just started using Kollabora so still working on setting up my account. Looks like a great site for sharing!:) Can't wait to see all the awesome things you make!


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