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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again when we head out to Handley's Holiday Hillside and walk through the rows to find our tree. This is the third year we have gone to cut our own tree and I think I can safely say it's a Dieter Family tradition now.
This year there was a light covering of snow but it was quite comfortable in the sun. There were so many beautiful trees to pick from this year since we had lots of wonderful rain this year. The boys mostly liked playing in the snow instead of picking trees.
We decided on our Canadian Fir tree again this year, though I was almost swayed by a gorgeous blue spruce for a hot second. The Fir just has the best shape and branches for ornaments. And the smell of pine is amazing.
The boys let me take their picture with the tree before helping with the falling. Jered carried the tree back to the shake and bag area all by himself. It made me realize won't be long before the boys will be carrying the tree for us.
I remembered to pack the tripod for the camera this year and got a pretty good family portrait . I think this one will be going in the Christmas cards this year. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to a long winter break.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, I love that you guys get to pick a tree whilst there is snow on the ground!!

  2. Thank you! The snow has melted since then, but hopefully we will have some before Christmas.


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