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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anniversary Invitations DIY

This year on July 2nd is my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. We are having an open house for them in Ames to celebrate. This weekend I finished making the invitations.This is what we sent out:
As you can see my parents had an amazing 1960's wedding! My mom was way ahead of her time and did ombre BEFORE ombre even existed! Check out the ombre pink bridesmaids:
So the theme of the party is ombre pinks and brown craft paper, oh and some blue mason jars since it is their sapphire anniversary. I made very simple and cute envelopes for the invitations from regular lunch bags to mail the invitations from lunch bags. I like them because they are inexpensive and go with my theme.

How to make an bag into an envelope
Step 1 - Glue the flap closed. This makes the "envelope"
Step 2 - Let dry about 15 minutes or more depending on the glue.
Step 3 - Add your invitation and then fold the open ends of the bag to form a triangle shape.
Step 4 - Fold down the flap so that it is the size of your invitation.
Step 5 - Seal closed with a sticker or tape.
Step 6 - Address and place stamp (my invitations ended up being the standard postage - make sure you weigh before sending)

Heart Sticker
Letter Size
 These would also be cute with bakers twine tied around them so they looked like packages. :) More party planning and DIY to come!

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