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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crepe Paper Flowers

My parents are having their 45th wedding anniversary on July 2,so my brother and I are throwing them an open house. The table decorations are blue mason jars that I made filled with flowers. Buying enough flowers for 20 tables can be very pricy - unless you know someone with a cutting garden. So I decided to make flowers instead.
Crepe Paper Flowers
I bought inexpensive crepe paper rolls at the party store for about 3 dollars a roll for the large and 99 cents for the smaller ones.  Since the theme is ombre pinks I chose those colors.

Ombre Pinks
I didn't have a specific size I cut the streamers, but whatever the length you cut the longest one, the lighter color is 1/2 the length, and the green was 1/2 of the lighter color length. See the picture below:
Cutting the paper
Then I folded them in half, and then in half again, and again until they are all the same size. Stack them on top of each other (I layered the colors with the green on the bottom). Fold the stack in half and pinch it together. Fold a florist wire over top of the crepe paper and twist it shut.
Now it's time to cut the petal shape. Any shape you choose is OK. I chose a heart shape because it trims off the folds. Make sure you fold down the "leaf" green so you don't cut that. Do both sides.
Next cut out the leaf shape. Do both sides.
Now time to fluff them up! Just pull lightly left and then right shaping the flower with your fingers. Pull each petal apart. Your flowers will look like this when done:
Crepe Paper Flowers
Time: This project took me about 4 hours to complete 40 flowers. Cost: Less than $20 in supplies. (I still have half a roll of each color)

The crepe paper flowers look really good all lined up together and are going to be great for our party. This project would be a great wedding DIY for a group of bride maids to help with.
Grouped Flowers

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  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Beautifully made ,,, creative,,, love them! Thank you for a wonderful tutorial! I will pin it!


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