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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

MOA Vacation - Part 2

The main attraction for us, and by us I mean Max, was Legoland. Max is obsessed with all things Lego as any good seven year-old is. We all love them and they are an educational toy, sort of. Anyway the store was amazingly cool and the status were incredible. The Robot was over 34 feet tall.
Lego Robot - 34 feet tall
The Girls
Legoland Play area
Ella and Maisie really liked it too (after a trip to the Disney store) and Riley played in the play area while Jered and Max shopped. MOA really has something for everyone. Especially if you like to EAT! They have every kind of food you can want, fancy restaurants to burgers and fries. Jered and I opted for sushi for lunch. The boys had the burgers and fries.
Jered and our lunch
The next stop on our vacation was Nickelodeon Theme Park. It's a great little park with really scary roller-coasters to kiddy rides and everything in between. Max actually went on a roller-coaster for the first time an LOVED it! They also did the log ride and bumper cars. Max is a terrible driver, just a warning for everyone.
Roller Coaster
Log Ride
Jered on Ninja Turtle Ride
Bumper Cars
Even Riley loved all the rides. The balloon race was my favorite because it was so pretty and I think Riley's favorite was the train, of course!

Balloon Race
Train Ride
After all this playing we were pretty tired out. So we bought a few things we spied on Friday and headed back to our hotel for dinner and a nice swim. I'll post more about that later.
Max Happy


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