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Monday, June 04, 2012

MOA Vacation - Part 1

This weekend Jered had a break from work and his summer classes are just starting which means we actually could leave town! Due to the kids ages (2 and 7) we decided that Mall of America (MOA) in Minnesota would be our best vacation option. Also we got to see Aaron and Leah and our nieces which was a bonus.
Max at the Aquarium

Lion fish tank
If you haven't been to MOA, you would be surprised at all the things you can do other than shop. The first thing we did on Saturday was the Sea Life Aquarium.
Starfish feel tank
The Aquarium is very nice for small kids like ours. There is a feel tank first thing where you can touch starfish. The little ones love this. Then comes the jellyfish area were there is beautiful black light tanks and you can see all sorts of creatures.
Daddy and Riley
The next area is the tunnel of sharks. This is the most impressive part of the aquarium. It is a massive tank that you walk under and sharks and large fish swim over head. You really feel like they are right there in the water with them. It's frightening how big they are and how big their teeth are.

Riley and Daddy
Walking in the tube


Many Sharks
The finally part of the aquarium is the rainforest exhibit where you can see all sorts of frogs and alligators from the rainforest.
Checking on the frogs
Photo op
This was just the right size of exhibits for small kids and we got through the whole thing without any large fits. It was also interesting for us as adults, but it really wasn't that big and we got through the whole thing including the gift shop in about one hour.

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