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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Cuboree 2013

 All day Saturday, Jered and Max went to the 2013 Iowa Cuboree at Kent State Park. This is a super fun day for all the parents and boys and they do all sorts of out door events. They kicked it off with a flag cermony. This  year they had engineers with science gear in to demonstrate different light and sound experiments. They even had a "monkey bridge" that the boys got to try to cross.
Everyone got a chance to do out door sports too, like fishing and practice shooting b-b-guns. They also did a navigation course with maps and compasses. 
The build this year was bridges with tooth picks and gum drops. Max's bridge held 55 lbs! They ended the night with a bonfire and ceremony. The Boy Scouts get to camp over night at the park, but the Cub Scouts head home to their beds. 

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