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Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's funny how everything changes at once. Change never seems to come at a stead pace.. it's an all or nothing sort of creature. So today was my last day at the job I loved, the javahouse. I think it is the only job that really never had any draw backs for me. Oh - there was the occasional annoyance or irritation but nothing that a cup of joe or a muffin couldn't fix. The folks I worked with are the best. They made me a cute sign, and got me a card that made me cry and my first manager and friend Paul brought me flowers (that's them on the right). My regulars were great too. One couple even got me a present! I was really touched. I'm going to miss them all so much. So why would I leave such bliss? First I must be crazy, but the real reason is opportunity. I had a chance to work for a great company with great benefits and job advancement. So I took the chance and jumped. I bought new clothes and a second new car and I start on Tuesday - ready or not. Max will be going to the sitters on Tuesday and Fridays, and he already loves it. (that makes this a lot easier) And Jered's schedule stays the same except that he can't work Tuesday mornings and he'll be the one taking Max to preschool. So I guess everything is set to go. Now where did I put my courage?
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