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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Pictures

Spring picture time again, for some reason Max looks like a teenager in this picture - don't know how that happened. I am loving the fact that he actually smiled this time! (Not so happy with the background) It is hard to explain; he has grown up a lot this year and 9 is very different than 8.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Industrial Pipe Desk -DIY

When Max decided he wanted his own room again I knew he was at the age that he was going to need a desk in his room. I decided to make him an industrial style desk out of galvanized pipes from the hardware store. It's very simple and boyish, and hopefully will hold up to rough treatment. 

Here is what I bought at the hardware store:

  • 2 of  a 12 X 48 Shelf - $21.52
  • 4 of 18 inch pipe - $12.96
  • 4 of 8 inch pipe - $9.16
  • 2 of 12 inch pipe - $4.98
  • 4 of T-pipe - $4.96
  • 8 of Floor Flanges - $26.88
  • 1 can black spray paint - $3.68
  • 3/4" screws  - $0.64
  • 4 metal braces - $2.18

Total Cost of materials - $86.96

The floor flanges are the feet and the connection to the desk. I used the 8 inch and the 18 inch pipes to make the legs, and the 12 pipes are the brace between the legs for stability. The T-pipe makes the connections between the legs. 
The Floor Flanges have places to connect to the desk with screws. I used 3/4" screws so that they did not pierce the top of the desk. 
The desk top is two shelves put together with metal brackets. Four brackets are evenly spaced along the seam of the two boards and bind them together.

Before I put the legs on to the desk top I sprayed them a flat black quick dry paint to match the shelves in his room. 
I also made Max a recycled can light from a large can and a light cord. The industrial pipe desk was a pretty easy project to complete and it took about an hour from start to finish. The cost of the materials was a bit higher that I expected, but the results were great. Max really likes having his own desk and has actually been doing his homework without being asked, and that is priceless.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Max! 9 years old

My boy turned 9 years old today. Max is growing up so fast these days. He decided that it was time that he had his own room, so I worked this weekend transforming the toy room as a bedroom for a growing boy. I made an industrial desk out of galvanized pipes for him since he needs some where to do home work. (I will share more on that later!) Max also told me that he wanted a low key birthday this year. No embarrassing parties or anything, Mom. So instead we went out for pizza for supper and had some chocolate cake with neon candles. Max is a kind, sweet guy and I hope he doesn't grow out of that anytime soon. Happy Birthday big guy.

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