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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ella turns 4!

This weekend we went to Ames to celebrate Ella's 4th birthday. She loves Jake the pirate so Grandma Jo got her a adorable Jake cake. It was so warm and sunny out the kids had a great time playing outside with the sprinkler and water guns. (Thanks Uncle Jason!) It's always fun to see family and play with our cousins. Only one week left until our vacation, and I can not wait! We are headed to Adventureland park in DesMoines and will be celebrating the Forth of July with food and fireworks. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Artfest in Iowa City

This weekend was the Iowa City Artfest and so the boys and I headed down to check it out. There was lots of things to look at and do. Riley and Max love to play on the structure and we stopped by the library to trade in some books. Unfortunately they did not have the fountain on to play in, but it was nice and cool outside so it was not so bad. Happily, Jered was able to come down and join us for lunch at the Java House. For dessert we went to Molly's Cupcakes. They were amazingly good. Max had boston cream pie and Riley picked blackberry. All the photos were taken with my iPhone and I'm pretty surprised at how well they turned out.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Welcome to Summer!

Today was Max's last day of 2nd Grade so that makes summer officially here! The nice weather helps too...
Here is a photo of Max on the first day and the last day of second grade:

In case you were wondering he did pass and is now a Third Grader! I am mostly amazed his backpack made it through the whole year. Hurrah Summertime!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Summertime Go Bag

May is finally over! It was a month of good things and bad things. Good things are that Jered passed his finals and graduated from college. Hurrah! Bad things are that both our vehicles were in the shop this month (booooo).So with today being the first of June and this Monday being Max's last day at school, I have begun to think about summer plans. 

One of the essential things I get ready each summer is my "SUMMERTIME GO BAG". What is a "GO BAG" you ask? Its the packed bag that you grab every time before you and the family head out for summer fun! This way you won't be caught without that one thing you need while playing. 
Here are the contents of my bag:

1. Camping Towel - This is an MSR camp towel, it is compact and dries fast.
2. Swim suit - I always bring the swim trunks for the boys because somehow water is usually involved in the summer. When they were still babies, I also packed swim diapers.
3. Band-aids - Sport / Water proof and knuckle bandages. You would be surprised at how useful knuckle type bandages are on little parts.
4. Antibiotic - I buy the Neosporin spray because it's fast and has pain relief too.
5. Benadryl  - This is for the bug bites or if your kids get into unfriendly plants.
6. Plastic Bag - Most important item! The plastic bag is hard multitasker of this pack. It holds garbage, WET SWIM SUITS!!!, and anything sticky or icky left overs you must carry with you.
7. Shopping Bag - The reusable shopping bag, in case you have to swing by the store or run in to a farmers market. (Hey it has happened)
8. BAG - This is my lovely Bookhou bag, and it is just the right size to hold everything and still have some room if it needs it.
9. Wet Wipes - Does this need an explanation? Kids get dirty and then want to eat. Wet Ones to the rescue!
10. Snacks - I also pack a little snack. It can be anything, fruit snacks or crackers, just something so that when they get grouchy or ask for that sugar filled treat cart you are prepared.
11. Water bottle - You can always find water to fill your bottle and its easier to dump bought drinks into and then seal closed. No spills.
12. Small Bag - This small bag is to keep everything organized and separated.
13. Sunscreen - You are going to be outside so protect your skin. I always get at least spf 55 and apply often.
14. Bug Spray - The Kid bug spray I use doesn't contain deet and there for I don't have to worry about it getting on their hands and into the food.
15. Library Card (also drivers license,id, etc) - It's always a good idea to carry ID, and you never know when you just might have to check out a book or DVD.
16. Cash - I also bring cards, but having cash helps me stay on budget. When the cash is gone, stop spending.
17. iPhone 5 - My iPhone is a camera, calendar, computer, clock, and oh... a phone! I don't go anywhere without it.

So that is what I have in my bag, what would you put in yours? Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer!

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