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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Growing Up

So I registered Max for preschool today. We are sending Max here : KinderFarm It's a private school just down the road from our house about 3 minutes. I'm happy I registered him today because we got the last spot! Many children that he plays with at Tot Time go to Kinderfarm so we thought it would be a good fit, and they get to plant flowers, play outside, and care for the animals. How fun is that? They also have nice teachers (I make most of them coffee at the Javahouse) and they actually teach the 3 R's as well as social skills and Math. Many preschools today are just glorified daycare facilities, so I'm glad Max is actually going to one that teaches learned skills. The teachers really seemed to like Max and he jumped in a started playing with the others right away. I'm very happy he is registered and another parenting first is over with.

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