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Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Candy Valentines

Valentines Day is going to be here in just a few days so this weekend Max and I are making valentines for his class. Max's school has a no junk food policy, which means no chocolate or candy as part of holiday celebrations. So it was time to get creative...and a trip to the dollar store. 

I found these glow bracelets and decided to do cards with those. Five to a pack is a pretty sweet deal plus some foam heart stickers and some computer print outs and you have easy valentines. I printed "Your friendship BRIGHTENS my day!" landscape style with three to a page. (Seven and eight year-olds are very sensitive to love and like so I avoided saying anything embarrassing.) I folded the ends back and cut two slits in the paper to slide the bracelet through. I scotch taped the back flaps to make pockets to hold it securely. Finally, we added the foam heart and foam fletching so that it looked like an arrow. 

Super easy and fun valentines with no candy! 

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