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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letter Magnets Project

Wow! It has been a busy summer and I have about a million photos to go through. I promise I will post what we have been up to during the break, but first I wanted to share a quick craft project. This one is super easy and you might already have some of the supplies. All it takes is some of those cheap plastic alphabet letters and some spray paint.

 First lay out all the letters on a clean surface covered with newspaper or cardboard would work.

I used Krylon Fusion for the primer - because it "bonds to plastic" and Krylon Gold metallic for the finish. I like these paints because they cover nicely and dry super fast (15 minutes or less!)

After they dry carefully peel them off the paper so that you don't damage the edges.  All done! Super fun and cute magnets to hang up those pictures or art that you love.

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