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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Trip to the Apple Orchard

Wilson's Apple Orchard is close to Iowa City so on a beautiful fall day like today, you just have to pick up the kids from school and head out there. It doesn't hurt that it was doughnut day! They had delicious fresh pumpkin and apple cider doughnuts, hot coffee, and frozen apple cider slushies. After our snack we had the energy to walk out to the rows to pick some apples.
It was a wonderful year for apples in Iowa. We had lots of rain to start the spring and then it has been pretty dry which has made the trees just full of apples. The boys picked two baskets full, so it was a good thing Dad was there to carry them back to the car. They also had pumpkins and all sorts of fall squash. Fall is my favorite season and I love all the harvest veggies and fruits. I think an Apple Crisp is in our future. 

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  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Lovely pictures! Beautiful fall day in Iowa!
    Grandma Jo


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