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Monday, March 05, 2012

New Blog Look!

So I did some electronic house cleaning this weekend and updated the old blog. I had some time to get caught up reading the blogs that I love and I thought, why don't I make our blog cute like that? So I started to update it with a new title picture and layout. I also added more links and features. Please feel free to browse to the "Blog Envy" links on the left menu and become as addicted to them as I am. The top menu links are all connections to the other social media that I use, so if you use them too, feel free to follow if you want!

 I'm also doing actual house cleaning getting ready for our Colorado VACATION! Yeah! That's right one week without the kiddos, just Jered and I checking out Denver and hanging out with our friend Michele! The last time we went to Colorado was for my brother's beautiful wedding which was in Estes Park.

It was so lovely I can not wait to see the mountains again. I'll be posting a bunch of photos while we are their since we are bringing the laptop so Jered can write his paper for class that is due after spring break. (Boo!)


  1. I like the new look, Shauna! the yellow links are a little hard to read, though... a slightly darker yellow might be easier on the eyes.

  2. Thanks! I agree so I switched links to a grey and they only go yellow when you hover. :)


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