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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Lovely Bracelets

I loved friendship bracelets when I was in middle school. I made at least 100 bracelets for myself and my classmates. Recently on Ravelry I found this adorable pattern for a crocheted friendship bracelet from the Green Eyed Monster. Adorable with the beads woven in! Crafting that rekindled my love affair with handmade bracelets. So when my bracelet finally wore out I decided to make myself some new ones.

Since I hadn't made one in a while I search for some patterns online and found this wonderful site - Friendship Bracelets. They have over 54,000 patterns! Thank goodness I knew what I was looking for or these beauties might have never happened.

I used pattern #24 for the top bracelet, pattern #21 for the middle, and the bottom bracelet is just a simple single knot using 4 colors. The possibilities are pretty much endless. I think I'm going to make a huge chevron one next (pattern #7118)!

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