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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Max's Mad Scientist Party

For his 7th birthday Max wanted a Mad Scientist Party. I found at the Iowa Children's Museum they have a science discovery party, so the "Mad Science" part I took care of. We had an awesome time and would go again and again. Here is some details of our party:
Future Scientist
The Party Table
The table decorations I got some fun beakers on line and with a little food coloring and dry ice, great effects. I also got lucky and found the neatest table cloth with explosion words all over it. The balls are treats made with "Just berries" captain crunch and marshmallow.

Glow Straws and Jello Petridishes
Yes those are petridishes, with Jello and sprinkles to look like bacterial growth. Glow in the dark straws were a great find - labeled them Radioactive to stay with the theme.

Cupcakes - chocolate
Cupcakes from DeLuxe bakery, with added decorations in nuke, bio-hazard, and radioactive symbols.

Do I know you?
The funny glasses with noses were a big hit with the boys. They looked very scientific indeed.

Lab work
The boys got right to work on their first experiment separating colors with alcohol.

Learning about flight
Then they went down to the Flight room (sponsored by Rockwell Collins :) To fly some balloons and learn about propulsion.
Watching it fly
Max and his friends loved this part of the party! Riley loved the floating wind balls.
Building race cars
Next they all went to the motion room and build race cars and ran them on the track.
Running the track
Lego Room!
The favorite stop was last - the Lego room! They have huge tables full of legos and everyone got to build.
Everyone loves Legos
Happy Birthday Max!
Finally after all of that experimenting - we headed back to have some cupcakes and ice cream.
Eating treats
Riley and Daddy
Slime Experiment
But wait! We aren't done yet! Still time for another experiment. This time they made slime!
Milk Experiment
And worked with milk and food coloring. When you touch dawn soap the colors run away.
Gift bags
All the boys got gift bags with Test Tubes filled with candy and sayings such as : Warning! Contains Nerds - possibly contagious. or Warning! Radioactive Pills - may cause super powers. They also got bubbles in test tubes, mentos, and a shock ball. The museum also gave them gift bags with free passes!
Test tubes and Mentos
Thank you!

We had such an amazing time! All the boys were so good and really enjoyed themselves. Thanks to my husband and friends, this all went super smoothly.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    What an awesome bday party!

  2. That looks like so much fun!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Max's Mad Scientist Party was brilliant. It is so good with those settings and color schemes. I also want to host a perfect party for my son’s birthday but the theme would be different. He is not sure about the theme yet so we will have to wait to book any rental LA venue until he decides on the theme.


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