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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Peeps Birthday Cake

So this Sunday Jered turns 37. Easter falling on April 8th does not happen often as we found out, since the last time was in 2007 and before that in 1927. My husband loves Peeps and so the bunny peep cake was a must.

I made a chocolate cake and filled it with marshmallow cream. The top is covered in coconut that is tinted with green food coloring and some jelly beans for eggs. Frosting was a basic butter cream since the peeps and the coconut "grass" hides any flaws. Super simple birthday/Easter cake! 

The math nerd in me can't help point out that I get to reuse the candles for Riley's birthday (he is turning 3) and Max's birthday (he is turning 7). When is that ever going to happen again?!

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